The Alabama Chanin founder and designer lets us in on a few of her favorite things.

Cook. Garden. Listen to music. If I can do all of those things in a single day, it has been a pretty good day.

I love the Donna Karan philosophy for the original emphasis on good design and simplicity. Anna Sui is able to infuse her designs with elements of popular culture and somehow make the ethereal lasting. Claire McCardell smashed the notion that fashion and beauty are unattainable ideals by designing clothes that served a function, but were comfortable and fun. And I admire the Eileen Fisher line because, as a major label, they are showing us that sustainability can be a profitable, large-scale enterprise.

One massive Royal Standard Poodle with tons of energy and a neighborhood of stray cats that we are trying to find homes for.

To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee. It manages to encapsulate the good and the bad of Southern America and make those themes universal. It demonstrates that you can be both realistic and hopeful.