Q: What is The Stylish Kind?

A: The Stylish Kind is a blog and digital magazine focused on independent designers and cruelty-free, sustainable fashion.

Q: What kinds of fashion does The Stylish Kind consider sustainable and/or cruelty-free?

A: The Stylish Kind features only products from labels that are dedicated to eco-friendly and people-friendly manufacturing (meaning fair wages and acceptable conditions for workers) and items that contain no animal-derived products. We also feature vegan vintage/thrifted items.

Q: How can I send feedback on stories, etc.?

A: The Stylish Kind welcomes comments and suggestions. Feel free to post your feedback directly in the comment boxes beneath articles or email us at thestylishkind@yahoo.com.

Q: Can I advertise with The Stylish Kind?


Q: Can I post articles from The Stylish Kind on my own site?

A: Yes. The Stylish Kind is open to working with sustainable, cruelty-free partners. For more information, please email info@thestylishkind.com.

A: All text and imagery on this website is owned by The Stylish Kind or used with permission. Re-prints are not permitted without explicit written permission from The Stylish Kind, but you are welcome to quote from, reference and/or link to content, providing that any such reference is credited to The Stylish Kind.