Things We Love: Clare Bare Lingerie

A lace bralette from Clare Bare; image courtesy of label

A lace bralette from Clare Bare; image courtesy of label

Clare Bare makes the kind of pretty things we'd "accidentally" let spill out of our undie drawers for decorative purposes. From almost-sweet polka-dot bloomers to True Blood-inspired garter belts, and a whole lot of sexy stuff in-between, these pieces are meant to be seen.

But Clare Herron, the creative force behind the Los Angeles-based label, is also quick to point out that, for all their sex appeal and visual beauty, her designs are also made to be worn, with practical details built in.

"I think the term 'sexy' is more about how you feel than how you look," she said. "The most important thing is to be comfortable in what you're wearing, so the quality of the fabrics and elastics are key. Stretch-lace edges are great because they minimize panty lines and don't dig in like other elastics can. There are many pieces out there that people may not view as 'functional,' because they are strappy or have cut-out shapes and wouldn't be considered everyday pieces at first glance, but as long as they are seamless, you can wear these pieces whenever you feel like, under anything. I think the sexiest thing is finding ways to wear these kind of pieces everyday -- it's like your own little secret, and it's empowering."

The brand's vibrant colors and strong, feminine edge are reflective of the stylish designer's own penchant for tie dye, mixed textures, kimonos, old-school lingerie, and pink lipstick. 

Herron, who studied integrated design at Parsons and worked as a visual artist before creating Clare Bare, is also committed to keeping things eco-friendly by incorporating vintage, sustainable, and re-purposed fabrics into the line. She also sews most of the pieces herself, employing local seamstresses when she needs an extra hand.

"During my years at Parsons, there was a huge emphasis on sustainability in design, and it was always an issue that was addressed during critiques," she said. "It's becoming a necessity for everyone to consider the social and environmental impact of what they are making and what production methods they are using."

Up next for Clare Bare is a new website, a few collaborations that are still under wraps, and an expansion of the brand's burgeoning swimsuit line. We know what we'll be wearing to the beach next summer!