What She Wears: Meow Meow Tweet's Tara Pelletier

Tara Pelletier with Jeff Kurosaki; image by Danny Rico

Tara Pelletier with Jeff Kurosaki; image by Danny Rico

It's a feel-good/smell-good story: Back in 2009, Brooklyn artists Tara Pelletier and Jeff Kurosaki received a bar of handmade soap as a gift. "It was the first time we had tried something other than commercial soaps, and we became instant converts," Pelletier recalled. "[We] started making our own soap and, as a way to support our vegan lifestyle, we decided to make our products using strictly all natural, plant-based ingredients."

Five years later, the duo's soaps, skin creams, soy candles and other made-in-Brooklyn products are sold everywhere from Whole Foods to health spas and indie boutiques, under the label Meow Meow Tweet (after the couple's two cats and a pet bird Jeff once had).  Meow Meow Tweet has even more in the works this year, but for now, Pelletier said, the plans are under wraps. "All I can say is we're branching out a bit," she hinted.

The co-founder did, however, reveal some of her own beauty and fashion secrets, including which foods are good for your face and why she's making her own clothes for a year.

Everyday look:
My main priorities are utility and fit, but I’m sort of all over the place. Kitschy patterns and prints have had a hold on me since I was in college. However, on a daily basis for work, I wear straight-leg [Levi's] 505 jeans, a T-shirt, and hi-top Converse sneaks. I recently made a resolution not to buy any new clothing for a year, so it’s vintage and homemade for a bit. I’m actually replicating my favorite blouse in three different fabrics as part of the project… This new path is inherently more time consuming but I’m trying to avoid fast-fashion crutches, and I’m eager to simplify my wardrobe.

Meow Meow Tweet Camper's Kit; image courtesy of brand

Meow Meow Tweet Camper's Kit; image courtesy of brand

Favorite fashion trend:
Right now I am pleased by over-sized, loose fitting, flowing garments with floral prints.

Most beloved clothing item:
I have this sweatshirt that was my mother’s. It’s thin and soft from being worn for so many years. It’s teal and has Mickey and Minnie and the script “Hopeless Romantic" on it. It’s the most comforting thing I own and I often wear it when I’m feeling stressed or overwhelmed.

Style icon:
Katherine Hepburn in pants. So elegantly effortless.

Essential summer beauty product:
Sunscreen. I always make our sunscreen and this year I made it in a stick, so it’s super easy to travel with. Also, my formulation won’t clog your pores (something that drives me crazy about wearing sunscreen on my face). A close second would be our Geranium Basil Toning Mist. I use it as a toner between cleansing and moisturizing my face, and also as a freshener throughout the day for my underarms and neck area.

No. 1 cruelty-free beauty tip:
Turn to your kitchen for your skincare if you can’t afford a brand that meets your ideals. You can exfoliate with ingredients like oats, cornmeal, and salt or moisturize with sunflower, avocado or olive oil.